Italian Trade Agency – Incubator Launch Event “Sardinia Goes Global”

The Italian Trade Agency of Los Angeles, in collaboration with the Los Angeles Venture Association, is pleased to invite you to the event Sardinia Goes Global.

The event will take place at the

Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles

June 9, from 6:30pm. to 9:15pm.

Linked below the event website where you can find all the relevant information – program, speakers, startups.

Participating Startups

Clhub is an international venture incubator focused on cleantech, fintech, foodtech, and fashion, headquartered in Cagliari, Sardinia, with offices in Milan, and coming soon in California. Clhub is the fastest growing Italian incubator and the only one born through the participation of private American investors. Clhub specializes in the creation, incubation, and acceleration of startup companies, providing also seed investment. Clhub portfolio companies have a clear, scalable and sustainable business model which is skilfully leveraged by Clhub’s executive team to gain traction within the ecosystem.

autentico s.r.l. offers anti-counterfeiting and logistics solutions using RfId, NFC, and Bluetooth technologies. autentico’s software solutions find their main application in the anti-counterfeiting of wine, oil, and fashion as well as the warehouse logistics industry. With a 10-year experience in research and development, autentico’s team has the capability to deliver tailor-made solutions across multiple fields.

Veranu is a smart floor technology that produces electricity through foot traffic. Veranu developed an innovative technology which transforms any type of flooring solution into a clean energy generating device. Veranu’s smart tiles, which can be installed under regular tiles, are made with 100% recycled materials – including polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the most common plastic material.

Feel free to forward the invitation to anyone you think might be interested.

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We look forward to seeing you at the event!