Towers Music Festivals, September 26th. and 27th.


Rodia Watts Towers music festivals

Art by Charles Dickson

September 26th. and 27th.
34th Annual Day of the Drum and
39th Annual Simon Rodia Jazz Festival at the
Watts Towers Art Center and Charles Mignus Gallery

1727 East 107th Street
Los Angeles, California 90002

Tel: 213.847.4646

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Saturday, September 26th

Drum Festival 10:00am – 6:00pm

Alaadum – Ground Blessing
Music by Gamelan Burat Wangi, Garifuna Cultural Group, Nclave, Luis Rodriguez, Farafina, Closing with Michael White

Sunday, September 27th

Jazz Festival 10:00am – 6:00pm

Alaadum – Ground Blessing
Music by Jasmine Tommaso Quintet, Big LLou Johnson, Phil Ranelin Ensemble, Luis Rodriguez, Art Webb, Tai Chi Chun – School of healing Martial Arts. Dr. Hoover, Instructor, Carmen Lundy, Closing with JMP ALL STARS Featuring.. Patrice Rushen, Ndugu Chancler, Dr. Boddy Rodriguez, Munyungo Jackson, Nedra Wheeler, and Justo Almario Straight Ahead Jazz

Artistic Directors

Rosie Lee Hooks, Patrice Rushen and Munyungo D. Jackson
Master of Ceremonies
Kamau Daaood and James Janisse

Noah Purifoy and Charles Mingus Galleries
“50 years and I Still Can’t Breathe”

Guided Tours of Simon Rodia Watts Towers

Drum Pavilion: Universal Drum Circle by Matt Gibson III

Dominique Moody featuring THE NOMAD

Garden, Turtle Pond, Tiling Projects

Supervised Children’s Activities: 12:00 noon to 4:30 pm