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Zucchero Fornaciari in concerto questo venerdĂ­ al Saban Theatre a Beverly Hills


To anyone interested in some old school R&B from an incredible Italian performer.

The show is far for being full and this especially after a incredible start of the tour in Verona with 11 shows with over 11,000 person per show to get started  and an additional 12 dates added there at the end of the tour for a total of a quarter of a million fans who would have paid 100 EUROS per person for Verona alone!

Zucchero will be at the Saban theatre in los Angeles.

Ticket prices are $ 19 to $ 68

( beware of re-sellers advertising tickets up to $ 220!)

Special rate available at:

Tickets | Zucchero – Beverly Hills, CA at Ticketmaster

Use promo code: Italian to receive a 10% Discount